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  1. Sometimes You Just Know. Or Do You?

    July 9, 2015 by Mark Eyerly

    Studies suggest that intuition alone – without supporting research – can produce accurate assessments, but only if the intuition is based on experiences that are representative of the current situation. My friends at The Melior Group and I encountered just that scenario during recent work with a mutual client.

  2. Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Conducting Market(ing) Research. Your “Gut” Might Be Wrong.

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    April 30, 2015 by meliorgroup

    In today’s unsettled economy, both for-profit and non-profit organizations wrestle with the approach to marketing themselves. Questions emerge about whether …
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  3. Who Manages The Relationship With Area Employers? Hint: It’s Not Always Career Services

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    April 24, 2015 by meliorgroup

    In our previous post in the series – “Closing The Perception Gap: Are Students Trained to Put Theory Into Practice?”- …
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  4. A Hospital’s Regional Appeal Improves Using Valuable Market Research

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    April 16, 2015 by meliorgroup

    Without the resources to out-spend its competition, an in-city hospital sought a market research partner who could help them improve …
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  5. Millennials: Where will they go?

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    November 11, 2014 by meliorgroup

    By Sharon Hackenbracht As I noted previously in my earlier blog entry the life choices that are being made by millennials …
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  6. Want to understand Millennials? Talk to their parents.


    April 11, 2014 by meliorgroup

    Mother & Daughter

    By Sharon Hackenbracht & Elisa Foster There is an overwhelming amount of research about the Millennial Generation (also known as …
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  7. Tapping Into the Voice of a Community

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    March 6, 2014 by meliorgroup

    Voice of the Community

    By Elisa Foster Marketing researchers often refer the people they study as audiences, markets, populations, demographic groups and consumers. These …
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