Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Conducting Market(ing) Research. Your “Gut” Might Be Wrong.

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April 30, 2015 by meliorgroup

In today’s unsettled economy, both for-profit and non-profit organizations wrestle with the approach to marketing themselves. Questions emerge about whether and how to advertise, how to price their products and services, what new markets exist, how to (re)position and take advantage of opportunities, how to retain customers, where to look for new customers, whether a new product or service will succeed, when to launch something new – plus myriad other questions.

  1. So, think about how to effectively and cost-efficiently use the power of marketing research by considering the following questions:
  2. What marketing or management decisions do I need to make for my organization? How much will it cost me (in time, money, or reputation) to be wrong?
  3. What do I already know? And what don’t I know that will help me do the right thing?
  4. What do I know about my competition and what they are doing that will help or hurt my organization?
  5. What should my marketing and sales strategies be to optimize my reach to existing and new audiences/customers, given the changing world of electronic communications?
  6. How quickly do I need information to manage my product and client needs?
  7. How much should I spend to learn what I need to know?
  8. Once I’ve conducted research, how do I use the resulting information optimally?

Providing answers to these questions is one of the roles of market research. The old adage “let’s just go with our gut” is used less and less. Most organizations want to make business and marketing decisions based on a deeper understanding of the key factors that will influence successes, so they can feel confident that their plan will reap rewards.

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